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Erin Gilliatt was born in Fuzhou, China in 1998. Adopted at nine months old, she moved to Richardson, Texas where she was raised most of her life. Currently residing in Denton, Texas, Erin has received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography with minors in both Marketing and Art History at the University of North Texas. As a photographer, Erin enjoys documenting the world around her and challenging people's perceptions of reality through abstraction. She also enjoys exploring the endless possibilities of what a photograph can be through various genres and mediums. While maintaining a full-time student schedule, Erin has interned with both the Charles W. Eisemann Center for Performing Arts and D Magazine, which have provided valuable skills and experience in both marketing and photography. She has also exhibited her work in various shows such as the City of Richardson Photography Contest, and the University of North Texas BFA and Full Circle shows. Her wide range of professional skills include, but are not limited to, both large format film and digital photography, the Adobe Creative Suite, studio lighting, and alternative photographic processes.


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