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The inspiration for this series came from my fascination with brightly lit spaces at night, particularly those that would otherwise be lost in an endless sea of darkness. Living in a fairly large city, it wasn't too hard to find them. As I approached these places, many questions arose in my mind as to why they had their lights on. Was it so people would feel safer at night? Was this place open 24 hours? How much energy are they wasting by keeping their lights on all night? What also intrigued me was the different moods and feelings given off by these places. While they all lacked the presence of people, some felt peaceful while others were more lively, and there were those that felt eerily isolated. Through my work, I have been able to experience the calm yet vibrant energy of the night, as well as appreciate even the most minuscule of details of these urban spaces.

© Copyright 2018 Erin Gilliatt

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